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Softbank Hawks: Matsunaka could end up staying back with Group B

by on Feb.17, 2010 @ 4:18 pm, under NPB, Spring Camp

=== 11:41pm JST

...Takahiro Mahara threw 55 pitches during a bullpen session on Wednesday.  He also had a batter stand in both batter's boxes during the session.

...Bum-Ho Lee and Munenori Kawasaki took extra BP after general practice on Wednesday.  The Hawks will be playing a practice game against the KIA Tigers on Thursday.

=== 2/17/2010 4:18pm JST

...Wednesday's practice game was canceled because there were no pitchers available to pitch.

...Kenta Imamiya had been working on a separate training menu since he hurt his left knee during fielding practice on the 14th.  He skipped out on running on Tuesday, but did do some running on Wednesday.  Imamiya also took some grounders during fielding practice.  He told reporters he was feeling fine and that he was ready to play in a practice game against Sega Sammy on Thursday.

...Hiroki Kokubo's first game this year will likely be an exhibition game against the Hiroshima Carp on the 26th.  Kokubo has been working on a new batting stance that he's hoping will allow him to hit 30+ home runs this year.  When he stands in the batter's box, Kokubo is apparently making sure that the number on his back is visible to the pitcher by pulling his left shoulder in.

...Nobuhiko Matsunaka could end up staying with the Group B even after Group A leaves for Fukuoka on the 24th.  Group B will continue camp in Miyazaki until the 28th.

...Shinsuke Ogura was supposed to pitch during Tuesday's intra-squad practice game but did not due to tonsillitis.  He's hoping to pitch during a practice game on the 20th.

...Additional notes from Tuesday's intra-squad practice game:

Nobuhiro Matsuda started at third and batted third.  Later in game, he played a couple of innings at first base (5th and 6th innings).

Yasushi Kamiuchi started for the red team and threw three shutout innings.

Tadashi Settsu also worked on his slow curve.  He threw two to Shuhei Fukuda: one clocked at 107km/h and another clocked at 108km/h.

Ikusei players Hiroki Yamada (two shutout innings) and Akira Niho (one shutout inning) also pitched.