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Hanshin Tigers: Tigers thinking of adding 2 intra-squad practice games to their schedule

by on Feb.18, 2010 @ 7:51 am, under NPB, Spring Camp

=== 8:20pm JST

...Thursday marked the end of Okinawa camp.  The team will now travel out to Kochi for their second block of Spring camp that begins on the 20th.

...Akinobu Mayumi named Takashi Toritani the MVP of the first block of Spring camp.  Mayumi told reporters that he stood out the most as he tried to take the lead and pull everyone together.  Mayumi also mentioned Kazuhito Futagami, Shunsuke Fujikawa, and Masashi Nohara as players that also made some noise during the first block.

=== 2/18/2010 7:51pm JST

...The Tigers are thinking of adding two more intra-squad games onto their schedule: one on the 23rd and one on the 25th.  That's in addition to the practice games on the 20th, 21st, and 23rd (the 24th is a scheduled day off).

...Minoru Iwata was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in his left elbow on Wednesday and will not be able to throw the ball for at least 3 days.  Iwata was a possible pitcher for opening day but may not be able to make it in time for opening day.

...Ken Nishimura did some image training in the bullpen on Wednesday -- he stood on the mound and instead of throwing a ball, used a towel.  Pitching coach Takashi Yamaguchi helped by checking his mechanics.

...Tsuyoshi Shimoyanagi threw 50 pitches during a bullpen session on Wednesday.  Kenji Johjima caught Shimoyanagi's last 12 pitches.

...Kyuji Fujikawa held a bullpen session and threw 22 pitches. Afterward, he and a group of other pitchers, including Kazuhito Futagami and Atsushi Noumi worked on their pick-off moves.

...Yuya Ando threw 48 pitches during BP on Wednesday, including 7 change-ups, and gave up only 2 could-be hits.  With Iwata hurt, Ando now has a much better shot at being opening day pitcher for the third straight year.

...Noumi threw 56 pitches (all fastballs) during BP on Wednesday and gave up 12 could-be hits, including 2 home runs to Kodai Sakurai.

...Johjima was able to get his long distance throwing (14 throws at about 90m) in on Wednesday.  He also made about 12 throws to second base from behind home.

...Shinjiro Hiyama took 95 swings during lunch BP and hit one over the fence.

...Matt Murton took 46 swings during BP and hit 11 over the fence.  He also hit four out in row, to all fields (left field pole, left, left center, and right).  Murton also played centerfield during situational fielding in the morning and during BP.

...Sakurai took 19 swings against Noumi during BP on Wednesday and hit 2 over the fence.

...Keisuke Kano took 17 swings against Hirotaka Egusa during BP on Wednesday and hit 1 over the fence.

...Takahiro Arai hit a home run off Shinobu Fukuhara during BP on Wednesday; he was using his new batting stance.  Arai will likely be batting 5th this year, in between Tomoaki Kanemoto and Johjima.

...Akinobu Mayumi hit some balls to Shunsuke Fujikawa in the outfield during fielding practice on Wednesday.  Mayumi also gave Fujikawa advice on how to approach the ball.