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Hanshin Tigers: Day Off / Travel Day

by on Feb.19, 2010 @ 9:18 am, under NPB, Spring Camp

=== 3:27pm JST

...Tsuyoshi Shimoyanagi threw 58 pitches (including his curve, slider, change, and shuto) during BP on Thursday and gave up 7 could-be hits.

...Akihiro Yano has been giving Ken Nishimura advice on how to use his curve.

...Minoru Iwata (left elbow osteoarthritis) began his rehab-training at Ni-gun camp on Thursday.  He joined Shunsuke Ishikawa and Masashi Sajikihara, two other players working their way back injuries.  Iwata spent his day working on lower body strength exercises in the morning and weight lifting in the afternoon.

Iwata may also ended up returning to Osaka with the Ni-gun roster after Ni-gun camp ends on the 21st.  Much will depend on how he feels on the 20th after pitching into a net and playing some light catch.

...Masanori Fujihara (left adductor muscle) is also at Ni-gun camp undergoing rehab-training.  On Thursday he did some light running and threw pitches into a net while sitting.

=== 2/19/2010 9:18am JST

...Kyuji Fujikawa threw BP on Thursday.  He faced two batters: Kodai Sakurai, 20 pitches, 3 could-be hits; and Masashi Nohara 23 pitches, 1 could-be hit.  Fujikawa pretty much threw all his pitches: fastball, curve, slow curve, and fork.  He also threw a fastball with cutter-like motion (new pitch) to the outside corners.

...Casey Fossum threw 55 pitches (including his curve, clider, shuto, and change) during BP on Thursday.  He also threw the Fossum flip three times.  Ryo Asai and Hiroki Uemoto were the two batters that faced him.

...Kenji Johjima ended up catching Tsuyoshi Shimoyanagi (60 pitches to Takashi Toritani and Kentaro Sekimoto) and Kyuji Fujikawa during their BP sessions on Thursday (103 pitches).  During BP of his own, he took 59 swings and hit 5 over the fence.

...Pitching coach Yasuo Kubo worked with Randy Messenger in the bullpen on Thursday.  Kubo apparently suggested that Messenger not bend his right knee as much during his delivery so that he can throw the ball down more.

...The Tigers drew 30,600 fans (or about 2,040 a day) to Ginoza camp.  That's apparently the lowest number of fans since 2003 and down 27,000 fans from last year.