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Yokohama Bay Stars: Day Off

by on Feb.19, 2010 @ 9:47 pm, under NPB, Spring Camp

...Yoshitomo Tsutsugo took soft toss BP on his day off and took about 150 swings of the bat.  He told reporters that he's still having a tough time picking the ball up out of the pitcher's hand.

...Tsutsugo will face Daisuke Miura in BP on the 21st.

...Takehiro Ishikawa spent his day off checking on his swing.  Ishikawa has been working on his batting stance and appears to have found something that's working for him -- instead of making a big leg kick during his swing, he's apparently dragging / rubbing his foot along the ground.  Ishikawa collected 2 hits and 3 RBIs during an intra-squad practice game on the 17th.

...Head coach Makoto Shimada told reporters that he still wants the younger players to take at least 1,000 swings of the bat a day.

...Takahiro Saeki joined Ichi-gun camp on Thursday.  He told reporters that everyone seemed to care about what was going on at camp than in previous years.

...A number of other players were shifted around on Thursday / Friday.

In addition to Saeki, Toshihiro Noguchi, Tatsuhiko Kinjo, Yota KosugiShigeru Kaga, and Shoma Sato were all called up to Ichi-gun camp.

Teruaki Yoshikawa, Yoshiyuki Kuwahara, Takeshi Hosoyamada, and Takayuki Kajitani were sent down to Ni-gun camp.