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Seibu Lions: Kikuchi has a shot at BP pitcher on 24th or 25th?

by on Feb.20, 2010 @ 8:45 am, under NPB, Spring Camp

=== 2/21/2010 2:50am JST

...Notes from Saturday's intra-squad practice game:

Hideaki Wakui pitched two scoreless innings.  He faced a total 8 batters and gave up 2 hits.

Newly acquired Masahiro Abe went 2-for-2 with 2 walks.

...Yusei Kikuchi threw 94 pitches during his fourth straight  bullpen session in as many days on Saturday.  Partway though the bullpen session, Hisanobu Watanbe stood in the batter's box to see how he was coming along, firsthand.

...A special Bomberman tournament was held on the night of the 18th as part of a going-away party for Shogo Akada.  Kikuchi was called on to help pass out tea and peel tangerine skins.

...7,900 fans showed up at Lions' camp on Saturday.

=== 2/20/2010 8:45am JST

...Hideaki Wakui will be one of the starters for Saturday's intra-squad practice game.  He is expected to pitch 2 innings.  He will also be starting an exhibition game against the Yomiuri Giants on the 28th.

Wakui didn't throw any pitches in the bullpen on Friday and instead spent most of his time running.

...Yusei Kikuchi's 171-pitch bullpen outing may have gotten him a ticket to being BP pitcher on either the 24th or 25th.  And if he does get to pitch BP and does a good job, he might also have a shot at pitching in an exhibition game, sometime on / after the 26th.  A lot will depend on what Kikuchi does (is able to do) over the couple of days.

...Alex Graman won't be making it to Spring camp.  Graman is expected to meet his doctor for a final check-up later this month.  If everything's good, he'll be flying into Japan on March 1st and should be able to join the team in Takamatsu on the 5th.  According to Hisanobu Watanabe, Graman has apparently begun throwing in the US.