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Chiba Lotte Marines: Marines to move Spring camp out of Ishigakijima?

by on Feb.22, 2010 @ 1:37 pm, under NPB, Spring Camp

...In four intra-squad games, Tadahito Iguchi went 6-for-15 and drove in 6 runs.  5 over those 6 hits were hit between center and right field.  Iguchi had been working on taking the ball to the opposite field during Spring camp.  To that end, he often stayed back after practice to take an extra hour of BP in order to work on going the other way.

...Club president Ryuzo Setoyama is apparently thinking about moving Spring camp out of Ishigakijima.  Seems there are a number of things he isn't happy about, including a new stadium that was supposed to open in December but still isn't ready.  Setoyama submitted a proposal to Ishigaki City on Monday outlining what it would take to keep the team in Ishigakishima.  He plans on waiting until March 10th for Ishigaki City's response.

...20 pitchers combined for 31,424 pitches.  The top 5 hurlers:

Yuta Ohmine - 2,366
Takumi Nasuno - 2,215
Yasutaka Hattori - 2,188
Tomohisa Ohtani - 2,181
Yuta Kimura - 2,163