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Softbank Hawks: Hawks have practice game against Doosan Bears

by on Feb.22, 2010 @ 2:39 pm, under NPB, Spring Camp

=== 10:03pm JST

...Notes from Monday's practice game against the Doosan Bears:

D.J. Houlton pitched a perfect inning and struck out 2.

The Hawks' offense combined for 12 hits.

Hawks beat the Bears, 4-2.

...Akira Nakamura will go under the knife on the 23rd and will require 2 months for a full recovery.

Makoto Sato will have surgery on his right elbow (右ひじ滑膜ひだ切除手術 - removal of synovial plica in the right elbow) on the 25th and will be out for about 3 months.

...Yuichi Honda's photo book (本多本) went on sale on Monday.  The book contains lot of pictures of Honda, along with an interview.  The book costs 1,400 yen.

=== 2/22/2010 2:39pm JST

...The Hawks are playing a practice game against the Doosan Bears on Monday.

...Additional notes from Sunday's practice game against the Yomiuri Giants:

Kenta Nakanishi started in left and batted 8th.

Shotaro Ide hit his home run off Satoshi Fukuda.

...Nobuhiko Matsunaka took 75 swings and hit 16 out during BP on Sunday.  Hiroki Kokubo spent about 50 minutes taking BP.

....Kokubo wants to play in an exhibition game on the 26th against the Hiroshima Carp (about 2-3 trips to the plate).

...Tsuyoshi Wada threw 100+ pitches during a bullpen session on Saturday.  His Sunday workout included some light training, like playing catch.