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Japan to send amatuer players to Asia Games

by on Feb.23, 2010 @ 2:16 pm, under NPB, Other

=== 5:30pm JST

It seems 4th year university players won't be selected to the preliminary rosters for the Asia Games.  The BFJ is hoping to have a list of about 60 potential candidates by early April.

=== 2/26/2010 1:25am JST

The JABA board of directors met on Thursday and officially decided that the roster for the Asia Games will be filled out by players in the Industrial and University leagues.  Since there will also be an overlap with league tournaments in Japan (the Industrial league has the Industrial League Championships and the University leagues has the Meiji Jingu Tournament), the JABA will work with sponsors, companies, and universities to ensure a smooth transition.

They also approved the selection of Eiji Hatta as the next chairman to replacement for Tatsuro Matsumae.  The trustees must now approve the selection in order for it to become official.

=== 6:12pm JST

Yuki Saito, Tatsuya Ohnishi, and Hirokazu Sawamura have been mentioned as possible players for the Asia Games roster.

=== 2/25/2010 1:18am JST

The Japan Amateur Baseball Association held a meeting on Wednesday to confirm their position of using amateur players to fill out the roster for the Asia Games.  An official decision will likely be made on the 25th during a BFJ meeting.

The JABA apparently received a letter from the NPB stating that they could not allow their players to take part in the Asia Games (November) but is still considering the possibility of letting them play in the Intercontinental Cup (October).

The JABA also decided they would continue to hold open discussions with the NPB regarding Sirius, a pro Ikusei team that the NPB is hoping to register with the JABA.

=== 2/24/2010 8:44pm JST

If the NBP officially declines the BFJ's request to send pro players to the Intercontinental Cup and Asia Games, the BFJ will likely cull players from the Industrial and University leagues.  But that won't necessarily be an easy thing -- there will be a number of tournaments taking place in October and November that they'll have to take into consideration when determining which players to select.

=== 2/23/2010 2:16pm JST

According to the latest reports, it seems the NPB could be heading towards rejecting the Baseball Federation of Japan's (BFJ) request to send pro players to two tournaments taking place later in the year (Intercontinental Cup in October and Asia Games in November).

Preliminary rosters for the Asia Games are due on May 31st and the NPB is concerned that it could cause an unnecessary disruption to the season.  And ultimately, even if the NPB did agree, there's still the matter of gaining approval from the player's association.

As of now, it would seem as though rosters for both tournaments will be filled out by amateur players.

3 comments on “Japan to send amatuer players to Asia Games

  1. npbcardguy

    Wasn’t one of NPB’s issues with having the Asia Series a possible scheduling conflict with sending players to the Asia Games? If they aren’t sending players, shouldn’t that resolve that problem?

    1. Gen Post author

      Not sending players addresses potential scheduling problems with the Japanese team, but doesn’t really do much for the other teams.

  2. npbcardguy

    That’s a good point, although that’s more of an issue for the other organizations, not so much NPB.

    I’m just hoping that everything can be worked out and there can be an Asia Series again this year. More baseball is always better than less.

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