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Yomiuri Giants: Shugo Fujii throws BP

by on Feb.23, 2010 @ 10:34 am, under NPB, Spring Camp

=== 2/24/2010 1:16am JST

...An additional note from Tuesday's practice game against the Doosan Bears:

Taishi Ohta started at third and batted 9th.  He went 0-for-3 and committed an error.

...The Giants decided to demote Ohta to give him more time to work on his fielding.

...Hisayoshi Chono is now 11-for-26 over 6 practice games.

=== 9:35pm JST

...Notes from Tuesday's practice game against the Doosan Bears:

Dicky Gonzalez gave up a run on 3 hits over 3 innings of work.  He threw 31 pitches and did not walk anyone.  Gonzalez later told reporters that he threw at about 90%.

Wirfin Obispo threw 1.2 innings and gave up gave up 6 runs on 5 hits and 2 walks.

Toru Murata pitched an inning and gave up 4 runs on 3 hits and a walk.

Hisayoshi Chono started in left and batted 8th.  He collected 2 hits.

Shinnosuke Abe hit a 2-run homer in the third.

The Bears beat the Giants, 12-9.

...Tetsuya Yamaguchi could make a start against the Seibu Lions (practice game) on the 26th.

...Tetsuya Utsumi threw 88 pitches during a bullpen session on Tuesday.  Tatsunori Hara was seen giving him some pointers.

=== 2/23/2010 10:34am JST

...Shugo Fujii tossed BP on Monday and faced Yoshitomo Tani, Michihiro Ogaswara, Seung-Yeop Lee, and Edgar Gonzalez.  He threw a total 102 pitches (including his slider, cutter, curve, and change) and gave up 17 could-be hits.  Fujii has been concentrating on using his lower body more effectively (instead of relying more on his upper body).

...Dicky Gonzalez will make a start on Tuesday in a practice game against the Doosan Bears.  He told reporters on Monday that he was at 90%.

...Yoshinobu Takahashi was given the day off from BP on Monday (they don't want him pushing himself too hard).  He'll be starting at first and bat 6th against the Doosan Bears.

...Tatsunori Hara is on the cover of Shukan Asahi's March 5th edition.

...Tiger Mask gave Hara a special Giants' mask during his visit on Monday.