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Seibu Lions: Last day of A Group Spring Camp / Kikuchi BP session canceled

by on Feb.25, 2010 @ 5:37 pm, under NPB, Spring Camp

=== 9:25pm JST

...Yusei Kikuchi threw 56 pitches (including his slider) during a bullpen session on Thursday.  Kikuchi later told reporters that he graded his Spring camp a 90%.

Hisanobu Watanbe also mentioned that Kikuchi's BP session for the 28th was canceled because he felt he wasn't ready for Ichi-gun yet.

=== 2/25/2010 5:37pm JST

...Hiroyuki Nakajima closed out A Group Spring camp on Thursday with a brief speech.

...Kenta Matsusaka was back at practice on Thursday.  He told reporters that he was feeling much better after he was diagnosed with acute gastroenteritis on Wednesday and missed practice.

...Dee Brown's back-swing hit Takeya Nakamura in the nose during batting practice on Thursday.  Nakamura was tested at a hospital and diagnosed with a bruise.

...Yusei Kikuchi threw 34 sliders during his bullpen session on Wednesday.  After the bullpen, he got some suggestions from Kimiyasu Kudo and proceeded to play some catch to check on a few things with his mechanics.

...Kudo and Hideaki Wakui will likely pitch on the 28th against the Yomiuri Giants.

...Fumiya Nishiguchi turned to his mobile phone during breaks to watch the Olympics (specifically figure skating).

...The Lions had infielders switch their positions during infield practice on Wednesday (?).  The point of the exercise was to get players to use parts of their body they ordinarily wouldn't.

...Catching coach Katsuya Soma had surgery to remove a malignant tumor in his stomach some time in mid-February.  The Lions' players sent Soma get-well messages on Wednesday; he's still in the hospital.