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Yomiuri Giants: Greisinger to get elbow checked out in US

by on Feb.26, 2010 @ 10:34 am, under NPB, Spring Camp

=== 2/27/2010 3:07am JST

...The Giants announced on Friday that Seth Greisinger will be returning to the US to have his right elbow examined.  This latest setback more or less guarantees he won't be on the opening day roster.  No word yet 0n when he'll be leaving for the US.

...Yoshitomo Tani will likely play in an exhibition game against the Seibu Lions on Saturday.

...Marc Kroon threw 33 pitches during his first bullpen of Spring camp on Friday.

...The Giants may give Hisayoshi Chono a shot in the 2-hole of the lineup.  Seems he showed good bat control during situational BP on Thursday.  He also spent some time standing in the batter's box during bullpen sessions for pitchers on Friday.

Chono also has a modest 6-game hitting streak going.

....Norihito Kaneto has working on throwing a knuckleball; he threw it in a bullpen session for the first time on Thursday.

=== 2/26/2010 10:34am JST

...The practice game between the Giants and Seibu Lions on Friday was canceled due to the rain.

...Depending on how he's feeling, Marc Kroon plans on throwing about 30 pitches for the first time during Spring camp on Friday.  On Thursday, he did some running and played catch at a distance of about 70 meters.

...Tatsunori Hara is thinking about starting Hisayoshi Chono in left and batting him in the 9 hole during Saturday's exhibition game against the Seibu Lions.  Chono went 11-for-26 with 5 RBI over 6 practice games.

Chono has also apparently begun working on a new bat design by trying out a number of different bats, like Hayato Sakamoto's.

...Takahiko Nomaguchi faced Seung-Yeop Lee, Alex Ramirez, Edgar Gonzalez, and Michihiro Ogaswara during BP on Thursday.  he also gave up 5 could-be hits.

...Tetsuya Yamaguchi will likely pitch on the 27th.  Shun Tono and Tetsuya Utsumi on the 28th.

...The Giants starting 5 could be Utsumi, Yamaguchi, Dicky Gonzalez, Tono, and Shugo Fujii.  The remaining spot will likely go to one of the following: Wirfin Obispo, Yuya Kubo, Kentaro Nishimura, Satoshi Fukuda, and Nomaguchi.