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March 3rd NPB Executive Committee Meeting

by on Mar.03, 2010 @ 10:11 pm, under NPB

Some issues that were discussed and are now filtering through to the media:

  • On using one brand of baseball -- it appears no real movement was made on this front, except to confirm that there are a lot of roadblocks ahead.  The companies making the baseballs are obviously not happy about the possibility of there being only one company making baseballs for the NPB.  There is also the issue of teams that have signed multi-year deals with some of these companies.  In an effort to keep everyone happy, the NPB will stick with multiple companies while working on creating a standard set a requirements for manufactured baseball.
  • Concerning the Intercontinental Cup, it was decided that the use of professional ball players will be decided on the 16th during the International Executive Committee Meeting (IECM).  The IECM will also discuss other issues like what will replace the Asia Series, potential friendly matches with teams in the MLB, and other internationally-themed games.

The Central League also met on the Thursday and discussed home run calls:

  • Video replays will be used only in stadiums that have the appropriate equipment.   It will be up to the umps to decide whether they should check a replay.  If a home run call is revoked, the umps will also be responsible for determining which bases players will return to.  The Pacific League rules will likely be pretty much the same.

(Updated with information on video replays.)