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Japan Student Baseball Association hands down sentences [3/5/2010]

by on Mar.05, 2010 @ 11:16 pm, under College, High School

The Japan Student Baseball Association met on the 5th to determine punishments for 3 universities and 25 high schools.

They are as follows:

Warnings - Universities

Josei University baseball club and the director - breaking rule 12 of the charter

Aichi Toho University manager - violence towards players

Bukkyo University - blackmail

Game Suspensions

Momoyama High School (Kyoto) 1/12 - 4/11 - violence within the team, extortion

Hoji High School (Ehime) 12/26/2009 - 6/25 - violence within the team, bullying

Tokai University Sugano High School (Tokyo) 1/25 - 2/24 - violence within the team

Fukuchiyama Seibi High School (Kyoto) 2/9 - 8/8 - violence outside the team, abusive language

Tohoku Seikatsu Bunka University High School (Miyagi) 2/9 - 5/8 - shoplifting

Fusa (Chiba) 2/5 - 5/4 - shoplifting, smoking

Komaki (Aichi) 1/26 - 2/25 - peeping


Katsushika Shogyo High School (Tokyo) baseball director - 3 months beginning on 1/20 for manager's violent actions

Tokunoshima High School (Kagoshima) manager - 3 months beginning on 2/2 for manager's violent actions

Yanagigaura High School (Ohita) baseball vice director - an indefinite period for the death of members of the baseball team in a bus accident


Tsuwano High School (Shimane) baseball club and director - violent club members, bullying

Nissei Gakuen Dai-Ni High School (Mie) - violent club members, smoking

Doremus School (Tokyo) - violent club members

Hashima High School (Gifu) - violent club members

Nirasaki Kogyo High School (Yamanashi) - disorderly conduct by club members

Ohami High School (Chiba) - disorderly conduct by club members, damaged property

Toyohashi Chuo High School (Aichi) - stealing a bike and riding without a license

Ube Shogyo High School (Yamaguchi) - smoking

Orio High School (Fukuoka) - smoking

Takasaki Shogyo High School (Gunma) - giving / receiving stolen property

Teikyo Hachioji High School (Tokyo) - unsolicited mail

Kawaguchi High School (Saitama) - coerced indecency

Tsuna High School (Hyogo) - gambling with cards

Katsushika Shogyo High School (Tokyo) manager - manager's violent actions

Asahikawa Kogyo High School (Hokkaido) manager - manager's violent actions

Bunsui High School (Niigata) manager - breaking the amateur baseball rules