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Softbank Hawks: March 9, 2010

by on Mar.09, 2010 @ 4:04 pm, under NPB, Spring Camp

...Due to the rain, a number of things have shiftedD.J. Houlton was expected to start against the Yokohama Bay Stars on Tuesday.  He will now start the game against the Yokohama Bay Stars on Wednesday.  Sho Iwasaki was also supposed to make an appearance on Tuesday but will likely and will now likely be sent down to pitch in an Ikusei League game.

Shingo Tatsumi, the scheduled starter on Wednesday, will likely pitch a few innings in relief on Wednesday.  Depending on which media outlet you want to believe, Shota Ohba was either originally scheduled to pitch a few inning of relief on Wednesday, or on the 12th against the Yakult Swallows.  If it's the former, he likely lost his chance and could join Iwasaki in an Ikusei League game.

...Houlton gave up 22 home runs last season.  As such, he told reporters on Monday that he wanted to work on keeping his pitches down this season.  Houlton is scheduled to pitch in a game on the 17th against a roster of players from the Island League.

...Koji Akiyama told reporters on Monday that he has no intention of moving Hiroki Kokubo out of the clean-up spot just because he hasn't picked up a hit in his 25 exhibition game plate appearances.

...Hitoshi Tamura has been trying out four different bats since the start of Spring camp.  It seems he's now decided that he'll keep all four bats with him during the season and pick which bat to use based on how he's feeling on that particular day.

...It appears Bum-Ho Lee's bat will not be allowed because it's white and because it carries the label of the company that manufactures the bat.  The NPB currently allows the use of four colors for bats: natural wood, dark brown, reddish brown, and black.  They also do not allow logos they feel might be used for advertising purposes.

Lee has already placed an order with a domestic bat manufacturer for a similar bat and should get his first batch of bats by the 13th.

...Looks like Sadaharu Oh will be stepping up to the plate during contract negotiations with Munenori Kawasaki and  Tsuyoshi Wada.  Both players are expected to earn the domestic FA options this year: Kawasaki as early as 5/27 and Wada as early as 8/11.  The Hawks hope that Oh will be able to persuade the two players into staying with the team.