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General NPB News: Ryozo Kato invite Bud Selig and Bob Dupuy to NPB All-Star Game

by on Mar.16, 2010 @ 10:45 pm, under NPB

...Commissioner Ryozo Kato told the media on Tuesday that he has invited MLB Commissioner Bud Selig and MLB COO Bob DuPuy to this year's NPB All-Star Game.  If Selig and DuPuy accept, Kato is hoping that they'll not only have a chance to talk more about a possible Global World Series, but also about MLB scouts going after Japanese amateur players.


The international arm of the NPB met on the 16th and decided to move towards allowing young NPB players to take part in the Intercontinental Cup in November.  The executive committee will meet in April to finalize the decision.  Since the Intercontinental Cup overlaps with the Climax Series and the Nippon Series, there will be more than a handful of young players available, especially at the Ni-gun levels.


The NPB announced that their official slogan for the 2010 season will be 「ここに、世界一がある。」  That loosely translates into, "The world's best is here."  Kato added that this had nothing to do with arrogance, but rather about trying to pull more support in towards helping the sport grow in Japan.