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Koharazawa’s hold an 8 hour practice session on his first day at the helm

by on Mar.18, 2010 @ 10:48 pm, under College, High School

Josai University's (Tokyo Metropolitan Area University Baseball League) new manager, Shigeyori Koharazawa, held an 8 hour practice session on his first day at the job on Wednesday.


Former high school baseball coach, Narumi Ogawa (60 years old), was arrested on an assault charge on Thursday. According to Sanpo, Ogawa allegedly struck a 41-year-old man on both the head and face, the latter causing a cut on the victim's lip, at a bar on the 16th at about 9:20pm. Ogawa has apparently admitted to police officers that he struck the victim on the head with his palm, but did not strike the victim on the face. He says he hit the victim because he was "growing tired of the his behavior."

If this were an isolated case, perhaps Ogawa would get the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately for him, he has a bit of a track record. In 1990, Ogawa stepped down as manager of Hiroshima Kogyo High School when reports of him beating players surfaced. And in 2003, he was dismissed from Kouyouhigashi High School for using physical punishiment on players. Ogawa was set to retire at the end of March.

As for his record as a manager, he did lead teams to the Koshien 7 times, and even advanced as far as the final four. He also coached former NPB / MLB player Shingo Takasu.