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Nippon Ham Fighers: March 18, 2010

by on Mar.18, 2010 @ 4:54 pm, under NPB, Spring Camp

=== 3/19/2010 12:03am JST

...Masataka Nashida was a guest speaker at a seminar on Thursday.  When he was questioned about his thoughts on Sho Nakata, he said that he wanted to use him in left field.

...The Fighters held a two hour practice at Sapporo Dome on Thursday.

=== 4:54pm JST

...Just how big of a deal was that home run by Sho Nakata anyway?  Perhaps big enough to warrant a marker commemorating the event.  And it was apparently Pepsicola Japan that suggested the idea, since the ball dented the wall above where they have one of their vending machines.  They're obviously banking on fans to go out and find the marker and then oh, what's this, a vending machine?  I'll grab me a Pepsi.

It seems Pepsi sells about 300 cans of beverages through various vending machines inside the park, but only about 10 at the particular vending machine close to where the ball hit a wall.

And regardless of the marker, Pepsi plans on naming the vending machine the Nakata Vending Machine.

For those that want to see a shot of it, there's a video of it on YouTube.  You'll probably want to check it out ASAP since it might get removed (it's footage from a Japanese news show).

...Yu Darvish spent about 2 hours working out (weight training) on his day off Wednesday.

...Shinji Takahashi also worked out on his day off, spending about 45 minutes in the batting cages.

...Sponichi seems to think that Tomohiro Nioka will play an important role in the team's offensive success, perhaps more so that Sho Nakata.

...As if the Fighters didn't have enough ticketing plans for women (not that I have anything against women and baseball mind you) called Ladies' Wednesday.  Each ticket purchased under the new ticketing plan will include various classes / courses to help women learn more about baseball.  Nikkan Sports mentions two: a baseball course taught by a former Nippon Ham player and a course on uniform sewing.