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Pacific League sets up a new website; streaming video plans released

by on Mar.18, 2010 @ 5:45 pm, under NPB

The Pacific League appears to have set up a new website at pacificleague.jp.  At this point, there's only a note that mentions the site will go live on at 3pm on 3/19/2010.

The streaming plans were also posted at the new Pacific League Live TV site.

They are as follows:

Type Cost Includes
All you can watch 1,480 yen / month All games*
Special "premium" content
One free month for first time subscribers
Club specific 980 yen / month All home and away games*
Special "premium" content
One free month for first time subscribers
One game 390 yen Just the one game only
No refunds, but you can view another game

* with the exception of Intra-league games, the All-Star game, and the Nippon Series.

It's a little pricier than I was expecting.  MLB.tv offers a basic plan for $19.95 / month and I think that covers all 30 teams, or up to 15 games day.  With only 6 teams in the PL, we're talking a max 3 games a day.  And that it doesn't include Intra-league games is a downer for me, especially since it means you're not getting any value for your month for about month (IL runs from 5/12-6/14).

I also don't know if there's enough of a gap between the club specific packs and the all you can watch pack.  It seems like they're trying to push more people to the all you can watch pack since it's only an additional 500 yen.

You can get more info on the plans at the official site.

BTW: for those wondering, the terms do mention that this service is only for people living in Japan.

Section 8.3 - 会員は日本国内においてのみ本サービスを利用するものとします。

Which basically means members must live in Japan in order to use the service.

4 comments on “Pacific League sets up a new website; streaming video plans released

  1. Spartie

    It may say only for in Japan, but the stream is not region-locked like last year. The free weekend worked fine for me outside of Japan, but 1480 yen a month works out to about $80 a season. Its just not justifiable when dealing with only half the league.

    1. Gen Post author

      Interesting. Thanks for the heads up Spartie.

      And yeah, I think it’s a little costly considering the full package only covers the 6 PL teams. Not covering the Inter-league games also hurts the package as well.

  2. Matt

    It’s really hard to believe that these people in Pro Yakyu STILL can’t get it right when trying to market the game. It really boggles my mind as to how people can be so stupid (for lack of a better word) not to be able to provide a service to the fans of the game who would most certainly pay for the service if it were fully avalible.

    1. Gen Post author

      Well, if the execs are anything like what I’ve come across in the TV industry over here, they’re likely really afraid of the internet. Mind you, not ever exec is afraid of the internet, but most of the older (read: conservative) minds tend to stay away from it.

      And surprise, surprise, most of the teams in the CL are run by older execs (points to the Giants and Tigers, the two teams with the most influence over how the CL is run).

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