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Home Sweet KFC for the Colonel

by on Mar.19, 2010 @ 7:36 pm, under NPB

Kentucky Fried Chicken Japan welcomed the return of the Colonel Sanders figure to its KFC shop (close to Koshien Stadium) on Friday.  Customers that were at the store at 12:00 noon also had a chance to watch the unveiling of the old Colonel Sanders figure, which now stands inside a protective glass case within the store.

It seems there's also a good possibility this won't be the last resting place for the figure as KFC has mentioned there is a chance he could be sent to various locations at some point in the future.

To commemorate the Colonel's return, KFC is selling their 5-piece chicken nugget set for 190 yen (usually 380 yen) over a four day period (3/19 - 3/22) at all their stores across Japan.