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Rakuten Eagles: March 19, 2010

by on Mar.19, 2010 @ 3:11 pm, under NPB, Spring Camp

=== 10:16pm JST

...Hisashi Iwakuma did some running and played some long distance catch (80 meters) on Friday.  He told reporters the minute you take the Buffaloes lightly is the minute they become a tougher team.

=== 3:11pm JST

...In addition to a massive jumbotron, the Eagles have also added an addition 1,000 seats to their stadium (capacity is now 23,026).  They've also added two more stores.

...Hisashi Iwakuma did some running and played some catch on Thursday.  He'll likely throw a bullpen on Friday in preparation for his start on Saturday.

...Takeshi Yamasaki told reporters that he'd like to hit at least one home run during the opening series against the Orix Buffaloes.  Looks like he also has his eyes on that Monex ad.

...Juan Morillo showed up to practice on Thursday with his hair shaved down.  He told reporters he shaved his head not because it was the start of the season, but because he needed a serious cut.

...Katsuya Nomura predicts the Eagles to finish in 5th this year.  His full prediction: Lions, Fighters, Hawks, Buffaloes, Eagles, and Marines.

...Kahoku Online Network predicts the opening day line-up:

Ryo Hijirisawa, CF
Naoto Watanabe, SS
Teppei, RF
Takeshi Yamasaki, DH
Andy Phillips, 1B
Todd Linden, LF
Norihiro Nakamura, 3B
Daisuke Kusano, 2B
Akihito Fujii, C
Hisahi Iwakuma, P