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Nippon Ham Fighters: March 21, 2010

by on Mar.21, 2010 @ 6:14 pm, under NPB

...Sho Nakata had a nice start to his season, driving in two runs with a bloop single to center in the 6th.  He was taken out of the game immediately after the hit.  It was Nakata's first timely hit in 39 Ichi-gun trips to the plate.

Nakata started the game in left and batted seventh.

Toshiya Sugiuchi was attacking the inside corner of the plate against Nakata.  Four of five pitches during Nakata second at bat were thrown inside.

Nakata apparently got a bunch of e-mails from friends congratulating him on his big hit.

With the glove, Nakata made a bad throw from left field in the third inning that ended up hitting the backstop.

...Yu Darvish tossed a complete game on Saturday and struck out 13.  But he also gave up 5 runs (3 earned) and threw 147 pitches.  There were a couple of times during the game that Darvish didn't look entirely comfortable on the mound.  There were also a couple of occasions where it seemed as though he couldn't get on the same page as Shinya Tsuruoka.

Darvish threw the one-seamer with mixed results on Saturday.  He threw 24 of them, 23 through the first 5 innings.  Against Jose Ortiz in the 3rd with a runner on second and 1 out, he threw 5 one-seamers (out of 7 pitches), the last getting Ortiz to strike out swinging.  A one-seam pitch to the next batter, Hiroki Kokubo, resulted in an RBI single.

Darvish also became the first pitcher to strike out 13 (or more) batters on opening day and lose.

...After Saturday's loss, Masataka Nashida told reporters he would buy a win if he could.

...With Sunday's loss, Nashida once again missed out on his 500th career managerial win.