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Chiba Lotte Marines: March 25, 2010

by on Mar.25, 2010 @ 11:25 pm, under NPB

...Hiroyuku Kobayashi could make a return to Ichi-gun on the 26th.  On Wednesday, he threw 60 pitches in the bullpen and told reporters that he was no longer feeling any discomfort in his right elbow.

...The Marines will be giving away a total 400 posters to club members in March and April.

...The Marines are looking for club members that are interested in renting out Team 26 lockers (50 located out near center and another 50 located on the first base side near gate A).

...The cheer songs for Tadahito Iguchi, Toshiaki Imae, Shoitsu Omatsu, and Naotaka Takehara have been added to the Marines' Supporter Song section.

...There's a reminder that the Kim Chee Tea-Gyun Burger goes on sale at the Lotteria in Chiba Marine Stadium beginning 3/26.

...The 2010 Marine Stadium Dining page is now online.

...Hours for the Marines Stadium batting center have been posted.

...Beginning on 3/26 and lasting over a period of 15 home games, Marines' fans will be able to enter a drawing with prizes that include tickets to the VIP room (3 winners) and autographed uniforms (9 winners).  In order to qualify, they'll have to submit their contact details, a cheer message for the team, and 2,000 yen at two designated areas around the stadium.  All fans that participate will receive a Marines towel on the spot.

...The Marines are on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/Chiba_Lotte/.