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Japanese Baseball Players and Female TV Announcers, Part 2

by on Mar.25, 2010 @ 1:02 pm, under NPB

So Seiichi Uchikawa officially filed marriages papers with Fuji TV announcer Tsubasa Nagano on Wednesday at 1:07am in the morning.  They chose 3/24 because it was 1 year ago on that day when they first met.

I also previously wrote a bit about how quite a few baseball players married female TV announcers here in Japan.  And just a little while ago, there was a spot on TBS that discussed this very fact.

Here are some of the numbers I managed to jot down:

  • Since 1987, 24 baseball players have married TV announcers (does not include journalists that are not tied down to specific broadcasters).
  • There was a "burst" of marriages in 1990 when female TV announcers first started covering baseball teams by actually going to the park.
  • Baseball players don't get to interact with women very often because of what their jobs entail.  So in some ways it makes sense that they start turning to the female "beat" reporters.

There was also an interesting chart they showed.  I couldn't jot down all of the info, but here's what I did get:

Marriages by Team

Teams Marriages
Chunichi Dragons 7
Yakult Swallows 4
Yomiuri Giants 3
Yokohama Bay Stars
Softbank Hawks
Seibu Lions
Kintetsu Buffaloes
Nippon Ham Fighters
Hiroshima Carp
Hanshin Tigers
Rakuten Eagles
Chiba Lotte Marines

Marriages by Broadcaster

Broadcaster Marriages
Fuji TV
TV Tokyo
Nippon TV
Nagoya CBC
TV Asahi 2

So based on the two charts above, if you're a baseball player and want to get married to a TV announcer, your best bet would be to somehow make your way to the Chunichi Dragons.  And if you're a woman that wants to get married to a baseball player, your best bet might be to find work at Fuji TV or TV Tokyo.

Oh, and for those of you just a little curious at what some of these females announcers look like, here are a few links to get your started.  Incidentally, these are links to official broadcast sites.

Fuji TV Female Announcers

TV Tokyo Announcers

TBS Female Announcers

Nippon TV Annoucers

TV Asahi Female Announcers

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