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General News: March 29, 2010

by on Mar.30, 2010 @ 2:27 am, under NPB

...Nippon TV broadcasted the Yomiuri Giants opening day game on the 26th.  Here are the numbers according to Video Research (via Sanspo):

For the time slot between 5:50pm and 7pm (First half)

Kanto region - 8.4% (2009 - 8.4%)
Kansai regiong - 12.1%

For the time slot between 7pm and 9:14pm (Second half)

Kanto region - 12.3% (2009 - 13.3%)
Kansai region - 18.6%

...The umpires' union and the NPB met on the Monday to continue their ongoing negotiations on the extension of the current pension system.

From what I can gather, the umpires' union is trying to set more specific workday guidelines while the NPB doesn't think that's possible due  to the nature of the job.