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Takeshi Hirabayashi works his first exhibition game

by on Apr.02, 2010 @ 3:30 pm, under MLB

=== 8:39pm JST

Hirabayashi was the home plate ump for an exhibition game on 4/3 (Tampa Bay Rays - Cleveland Indians).

He will now return to umpiring AAA games this season.  If he continues to do a good job, it seems he may have a shot at becoming an alternate MLB ump this year.

=== 4/4/2010 12:43am JST

Hirabayashi worked another exhibition game on 4/2 (Cincinnati Reds - Cleveland Indians) as a third base ump.  He is scheduled to be a home plate ump during an exhibition game on 4/3.

=== 4/2/2010 13:30pm JST

As scheduled, Takeshi Hirabayashi worked an exhibition game on the 4/1 (Chicago Cubs - Colorado Rockies).  He was the third base ump.

Hirabayashi updated his blog (prior to the game) with information on his thoughts on working his first MLB exhibition game.