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Takuya Kimura rushed to the hospital with a subarachnoid hemorrhage

by on Apr.03, 2010 @ 1:19 am, under NPB

=== 4/7/2010 1:42am JST

Kimura is still in serious condition.  According to the Giants, they have now received over 8,000 get well messages from fans.

=== 4/6/2010 12:15am JST

No changes to Kimura's condition -- he's still unconscious and is still connected to a artificial respirator.

=== 11:17pm JST

It seems the Giants have received 3,618 messages from fans wishing Kimura luck, as well as 123 e-mail messages.

=== 4/4/2010 7:23pm JST

According to the latest published reports, it seems Kimura's condition is worsening.

=== 4/3/2010 7:27pm JST

No new updates, other than as of 6:45pm (date of the news report), Kimura is still unconscious.

=== 4/3/2010 1:19am JST

This is already somewhat old news, but nonetheless, very distressing to hear.

At about 5:40pm on Friday, at Mazda Stadium, Takuya Kimura suddenly collapsed while hitting grounders during pre-game situational fielding practice.

I was watching footage of it on TV and it was actually kind of freaky.  Kimura was just lying on the ground with this glazed look on his face.  And at one point, it seems his heart also stopped beating -- they started chest compressions and even brought out an AED device.

Based on the latest news update that I saw, Kimura has been hospitalized and is still unconscious.

3 comments on “Takuya Kimura rushed to the hospital with a subarachnoid hemorrhage

  1. Blacklabel

    I am hoping for all the best for Kimura-coach. From everything I have heard he is a great guy and is well loved by everyone on the team. His family lives there in Hiroshima so I hope they were not there at the game to have to see that, but that they can now be a source of comfort for him as he recovers.

    1. EJH

      Are you sure you’re a BayStars fan? Even considering the circumstances, those were awfully kind words for a Giant.

  2. Blacklabel

    Been in Japan a long time and have friends on several different teams, so its more of a “know and like that player” rather than “like that team”. Yokohama is my hometown team so I have a soft spot for them and follow them closely. But not like they are ever gonna be a real threat to the Giants so I can get away with liking both of them depending on who is pitching and who is batting?

    Have heard nothing but good things about Kimura coach though, and even if I hadnt wouldnt wish what happened to him on ANYbody. Makes me feel mortal to see that happen and I dont like to feel that way, so its scary, you know?

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