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Hanshin Tigers: April 15, 2010

by on Apr.15, 2010 @ 5:12 pm, under NPB

=== 4/16/2010 2:57am JST

...The Tigers apparently feel good about having Kyuji Fujikawa for the 9th and Tomoyuki Kubota for the 8th.  Their problem is about which arms they can trust for the 7th.

...Jason Standridge topped out at 146km/h during his Ni-gun start on Thursday.  Of the 15 outs he recorded, 11 were on grounders.

=== 5:12pm JST

...Big day for the Tigers as both Jason Standridge (at Ni-gun vs Hiroshima) and Casey Fossum (vs Yomiuri Giants) pitch today.  Based on what I could dig up, Standridge tossed 5 shutout out innings while giving up just 2 hits.

Incidentally, here are Fossum's numbers from his two Ni-gun starts: 2 G, 1 -0, 11 IP, 48 BF, 10 H, 1 HR, 4 BB, 1 HBP, 6 SO, 2, R, 2 ER.

...Matt Murton's consecutive streak of games getting on base ended at 15 after he went 0-for-5 Wednesday night.

...Kyuji Fujikawa picked up another save on Wednesday.  He has now thrown in four consecutive games.

...Keisuke Kano fouled a pitch off his right knee during a Ni-gun game against Hiroshima on Wednesday.  He was piggybacked off the field and did not return to the game.  Kano is listed as day-to-day (he wasn't in the line-up on Thursday).

...Since 9/19/2003, the Tigers are 6-0 in games against the Yomiuri Giants that Kentaro Sekimoto hits a home run in.