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Softbank Hawks sign Roberto Petagine to one year deal

by on Apr.15, 2010 @ 3:58 pm, under NPB

5/3/2010 2:31pm JST

The Hawks have uploaded video from the press conference.

5/2/2010 2:50pm JST

The Hawks held a press conference for Petagine on Sunday.  He was assigned the number 16.  Petagine will join the Ni-gun team for practice on Monday.

5/1/2010 2:25pm JST

Petagine is scheduled for a medical exam today and will officially sign on the dotted line Sunday, after which the team will hold its press conference.  Assuming everything goes smoothly, he should be set to join the Ni-gun team on Monday.

5/1/2010 1:34am JST

Petagine and his wife arrived at Fukuoka airport on Friday.  Pategine told reporters he still needed a little more time to get into playing shape but was confident he would be fine.  He also said that he had taken BP and done some weight training before coming to Japan.

4/27/2010 11:48pm JST

The Hawks announced on Tuesday that Petagine will be arriving in Japan on the 30th and that they will be holding a press conference for him on 5/2 at Yahoo Dome.

4/17/2010 1:25pm JST

Seems Petagine could spend about a month at Ni-gun once he arrives in Japan.  That might put his arrival at Ichi-gun sometime around May 12th (vs Chunichi Dragons).  Seems Sadaharu Oh has high hopes for Petagine as well, despite not having seen him play yet, saying that "power has nothing to do with age."

4/14/2010 11:34am JST

Petagine could arrive in Japan as early as this month (perhaps even sometime next week).  He will, of course, begin his year at Ni-gun.

Bum-Ho Lee had this to say (they played against each other last year: "He's a really good player.  Better than me."

4/15/2010 8:51pm JST

Looks like it's a done deal.  The Hawks have given him the number 16.  No word on when he'll be arriving in Japan or when they'll be able to hold a press conference for him.  The contract appears to be a one year deal worth 40M yen plus bonuses.  And it seems the team signed him as insurance "in case they need him."

3:58 pm JST

It appears the Softbank Hawks are looking to acquire Roberto Petagine.

While Petagine did play for LG out of the KBO last year, he isn't playing for anyone right now and is working out in Venezuela.  And while the Hawks have non-pitcher foreign players like Jose Ortiz and Bum-Ho Lee, it seems they feel they need some more firepower.  A struggling Nobuhiko Matsunaka isn't helping matters any either.

2009 Season with LG

115 498 388 62 129 16 0 26 223 100 2 0 0 6 97 9 7 70 7 .332 .468 .575 1.043

3 comments on “Softbank Hawks sign Roberto Petagine to one year deal

  1. Blacklabel

    Wow, didnt see this one coming. No disrespect but somehow I thought Petagine was already in his 40s. I really look forward to see what happens on this, just saw him on some variety show the other week with ex-players trying to get a hit from the softball pitcher girls.

    They are getting a 2 time HR champ and 1 time MVP for the price of a foreigner who never been in Japan before, so it might actually work out? Wish him all the best.

    1. Gen Post author

      I think he’s 38, so you’re close.

      I don’t know that the Hawks really need him to be a huge presence in the line-up. Especially if / when Matsunaka and Lee start hitting.

      The age thing can also be deceiving. Look at what Rhodes did in his last year when he was 40/41. Now that doesn’t mean I think Petagine is as good as Rhodes, but it does help illustrate that it’s possible he can still be productive. And the number he put up in 2009 aren’t all that shabby.

  2. Blacklabel

    Yeah I noticed the last 2 years he played he had respectable numbers, so hope he is able to continue that for a couple of years. Just seems he was in Japan soooo long ago, 1999 I think it was, so I guess it seems he is older than he is.

    For the amount of money they are spending it seems like a decent gamble to give him a shot, not like Tuffy Rhodes or Tyrone Woods gonna play for that amount of money, so why not? (I agree with you that Tuffy was productive last year- he should be playing in Japan for someone, hope he somehow can get picked up at midseason?)

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