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Tomoaki Kanemoto’s streak comes to an end

by on Apr.18, 2010 @ 3:31 pm, under NPB

=== 4/20/2010 4:17pm JST

Seems Akinobu Okada gave Kanemoto a call the other day and that Kanemoto told him he was simply out of gas.

Commissioner Ryozo Kato praised Kanemoto for having the courage to pull himself out of the lineup, even going so far as to comparing him to players like Lou Gehrig and Cal Ripken Jr.

And Katsuya Nomura said that baseball wasn't made for records and that if he were the manager, he would have called Kanemoto to his office and sat him himself.  Of the managers that were in the game last season, Nomura is probably about the only one of them that has enough rank to pull off such a feat.

=== 4/19/2010 11:47am JST

Lot's of Kanemoto headlines all over the place.

The Tigers will apparently submit Kanemoto's record to the Guinness Book of World Records.

There are quotes from players like So Taguchi, Daisuke Miura, Alex Ramirez, Makoto Imaoka, Yu Darvish, and Hideki Matsui; former players like Senichi Hoshino, Sadaharu Oh, Sachio Kinugasa, and Katsuya Nomura; and from teammates like Akihiro Yano, Kenji Jojima, and Tsuyoshi Shimoyanagi.

All of them expressed fairly similar ideas, like how it was a shame that the record had come to an end.  Some, especially the former players, all appeared to approve of the move and mentioned how it was right of Kanemoto to step up and volunteer to take himself out of the line-up.

Akinobu Mayumi apparently did second-guess the move during the exchange of line-ups at the start of the game and said that he felt sad as he handed the line-up card to the home plate ump.  It seems Mayumi also gave Kanemoto the option to start the game in the line-up and come out during the game, but Kanemoto declined and said that he wanted to sit out from the start.

Nikkan Sports has calculated the innings and hours: 13,686 innings and 4,884 hours and 14 minutes.

Sponichi has a list of other "Ironmen:"

Cal Ripken Jr - every inning of every game: 903 / consecutive games: 2,632

Hideshi Miyake - every inning of every game: 700

Sachio Kinugasa - every inning of every game: 678 / consecutive games: 2,215

Hideki Matsui - every inning of every game: 574 (1995 - 1999)

Sadaharu Oh - cosecutive games: 577 (1961 - 1965) and 648 (1970 - 1975)

=== 10:28pm JST

The Tigers are currently thinking about submitting Kanemoto's streak to the Guinness Book of World Records.

A number of players have reacted to the streak coming to an end.

=== 7:23pm JST

According to the news on TV right now, it seems Kanemoto volunteered to sit out, apparently saying that he felt it was better for the team that way.

Incidentally, this comes on a the heels of a really bad throw he made from left in Saturday's game.

=== 7:10pm JST

Seem Akinobu Okada was surprised to hear about Kanemoto's streak ending.  Okada told reporters he just spoke to Kanemoto a week ago and mentioned how they spoke about the streak and how Kanemoto said he wouldn't take any days off.

=== 5:02pm JST

His consecutive games streak of playing in every inning may have ended, but his consecutive games streak has not:  Kanemoto entered the game on Sunday as pinch-hitter in the 8th and grounded out to second.

=== 3:31pm JST

Tomoaki Kanemoto was not in the starting line-up against the Yokohama Bay Stars on Sunday, meaning his consecutive games of playing in every inning has come to an end at 1,492 games.

Ikuro Katsuragi is playing in left with Takahiro Arai batting clean-up.

Kanemoto's streak began on 7/21/1999 while he was still with the Hiroshima Carp.

It would seem the team finally decided to sit Kanemoto after he hurt his right shoulder.