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Nippon Ham Fighters: April 23, 2010

by on Apr.23, 2010 @ 2:36 pm, under NPB

...The Fighters won their game on Thursday night with two foreign pitchers (Bobby Keppel and Brian Wolfe).  The last time two foreign pitchers won a game for the Fighters was back on 8/21/2005 vs Orix (Corey Lee and Brandon Knight).

...The Fighters became the last team to knock out two home runs in one game this season on Thursday: Eiichi Koyano and Atsunori Inaba.  On Wednesday, Shinji Takahashi became the last clean-up hitter out of all 12 of the NPB teams to hit a home run.

...Sho Nakata celebrated his 21st birthday on Thursday and wasn't happy about his recent knee injury.  Seems he won't be making any decisions about whether to have a surgery until early May.  Based on the current reports, Nakata appears to be leaning away from surgery because of the amount of time it would take for him to recover.  Nakata was also told by doctors that the pain he feels two weeks from now will likely be the pain he'll have to play through if he decides to opt out of surgery.

...Masao Kida's start on Thursday was rained out.  As such, he tossed 51 pitches in the bullpen.  His next start will likely be on the 27th against the Ni-gun Futures.

...Keppel's family is currently scheduled to arrive in Japan sometime in May.  They were supposed to fly in sooner, but one of his daughters got sick and the schedule had to be changed.  Keppel has been keeping in touch with his family over the Internet, waking up at 7am so that he can "eat" with them (Keppel breakfast, his wife and two daughters dinner).

...The Fighters presented former advisor to the team, Junji Imamura, with a letter of appreciation for his work in helping to make the Fighters "Hokkaido's team."  Imamura was made president of the Fighters in 10/2002.   He later worked on promoting the move of the Fighters to Hokkai prior to the 2004 season when the Fighters officially became known as the Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters.  In 2006, Imamura became a chairman and in 2008, he was named as an advisor to the team.  Earlier this year in March, Imamura stepped down from his post as advisor.