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Softbank Hawks: April 27, 2010

by on Apr.27, 2010 @ 3:10 pm, under NPB

11:47pm JST

...The Hawks announced that Roberto Petagine will be arriving in Japan on the 30th and that they will be holding a press conference for him on 5/2 at Yahoo Dome.

...Koji Akiyama started a weight training program on Tuesday.  He told reporters that he started lifting weights about 10 days ago but didn't get a chance to do any lifting over the last few days and wanted to get back to it.  Akiyama then jokingly added that he was preparing his arms for the summer months when he'll be wearing short-sleeve shirts.

...The Hawks announced that Kazumi Saito will return to Fukuoka on the Wednesday and will begin working out with the Ni-gun roster beginning on Thursday.  Saito has not even begun playing catch yet.

3:10pm JST

...The Hawks will be testing Hiroki Yamada and Sho Iwasaki during their next Ni-gun starts (Yamada on the 27th and Iwasaki on the 28th, both games against Orix).  The pitcher that has the best outing will likely get an Ichi-gun start on 5/4 against the Orix Buffaloes.

...Tadashi Settsu currently leads the league with 16 appearances.  As such the starters will be looking to do their part to pitch as many innings as possible over the next 9 games in order to offset the burden for Settsu.

...Hideaki Takahashi's next start will likely be on the 28th against the Rakuten Eagles.  As part of his preparation for the start, Takahashi tossed 60 pitches in the bullpen on Monday.  Shinsuke Ogura's next start could come on 5/1 against the Chiba Lotte Marines.

The Hawks could also end up starting five consecutive lefties beginning on 5/29 - Tsuyoshi Wada, Toshiya Sugiuchi, Ogura, Kenji Otonari, and possibly Yamada.

...Roberto Petagine was supposed to arrive in Japan on the 29th with a target debut date of 5/12, but now it seems visa troubles will keep Petagine at bay until the end of Golden Week.  That could put his debut at the end of May.

...It seems the Hawks are working toward creating two additional posts to help lighten Sadaharu Oh's current workload.

...Junshin Junior College will be giving away 10 tickets to a Hawks game on 5/9 to any prospective students that register for their open campus event on 5/29.