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Tokyo Big 6 considering schedule change for Fall League

by on May.11, 2010 @ 2:21 pm, under College

The Tokyo Big 6 is currently considering moving up the start of the Fall League by a week (from 9/11 to 9/4).  It seems the original reason for moving the start up by a week was in order to decrease the number of games played in the cold weather.  However, the change of date would also move up the Waseda - Keio games that fall at the end of the season.  This would in turn allow any Waseda / Keio players to take part in press conferences during the 2010 NPB Draft (set to take place on 10/30).  In previous seasons, players weren't allowed to take part in press conferences for the NPB Draft for fear that it would take away from their focus.

These plans are still in the preliminary stage.  Universities have been given materials outlining the plan and discussions are set to begin.  It appears there are also some universities that don't like the idea of start the season earlier because it will mean less prep time.  The final ruling for the schedule change will be decided during a board of directors meeting in June / July.

The last time the Tokyo Big 6 Fall League started during the first week of August was back in 1964.