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Eri Yoshida pitches in an intra-squad game

by on May.15, 2010 @ 5:49 pm, under Other

Eri Yoshida posted an entry in her blog regarding a two inning intra-squad game outing on the the 13th.  According to the update, she struggled with her control (specifically, the knuckleball) in her first inning of work, leading to two home runs.  It seems Yoshida was then able to bounce back and toss up a 0 in her second inning of work (three up, three down) -- she noted that she was able to focus more and throw her knuckle over for strikes.

Incidentally, it seems Yoshida could be making her official debut on the 29th (the season begins on the 21st).

Yoshida also tossed 100 pitches in the bullpen on the 11th.