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Yokohama Bay Stars: May 15, 2010

by on May.15, 2010 @ 3:10 pm, under NPB

...Daisuke Miura gets the start today against the Seibu Lions today.  He'll be shooting for the club's first complete game of the year.

...It seems the Bay Stars will be filing a protest with regards to the reverse grand slam home run call made during a game against the Chiba Lotte Marines on the 13th.  I wasn't at the game and can only comment based on the video replay I've seen, which isn't even really that good -- the angle of the camera doesn't allow the viewer to get the true flight of the ball.  There's also a YouTube clip of a sports program that discusses the issue a bit more (in Japanese and a general call for more video cameras) and also provides footage of the actual shot.  According to the clip, that was the only footage available for umpires for their review.

Again, I wasn't at the game and so perhaps the shot was more obvious at the stadium, but in looking at the replayf footage alone, I'm not so sure if it was an obvious call.  Incidentally, if you look at an aerial shot of Yokohama stadium and then look at where the ball lands, it's entirely possible that the ball was foul when it crossed over the fence.

I also searched around for some Japanese blogs to see what I could find.  Couldn't find any Yokohama fan blogs about the shot but did manage to find a handful of Lotte fan blogs.  Not surprisingly, they all thought it was a no doubter, even though it seems most of them were also sitting in the left-field stands.  Again, sitting in left doesn't really give you the best view.

Steve from WeLoveMarines offers take on the shot.

3 comments on “Yokohama Bay Stars: May 15, 2010

  1. Eric

    Tough to say in retrospect without the camera angles, but I say that ball was fair. Watching the video, the ball lands in the section of stands under the red and white Takanoshimaya advertisement, which as you can see in this picture is the fifth one over from the base of the floodlight: http://nijitama.sakura.ne.jp/sblo_files/nijitama/image/IMG_0136.JPG

    Now look at this shot of the stadium down the first base line from 2007 – the ads have changed, but if you count five over from the floodlight (the red and white Oyster Sauce ad), that section of seats looks to be pretty clearly in fair territory. Add to that the fact that a ball pulled down the line like that will always be curling out toward foul territory, meaning that when it passed the pole it was a few feet further over to the left than where it landed, and I don’t think there’s any doubt that the homer was good.

  2. Gen Post author

    Thanks for the images Eric. I’m not very familiar with the Yokohama Stadium (only been there once) but the railing you see in the video, is that the railing that separates the right field seats with the seats along the right side? If so, then the area could actually be in foul territory. If not, then the ball most likely landed in foul territory.

    I took an aerial shot from Google and worked out an image of two possible locations where the ball could have landed.


    The yellow represents the area where the Takashimaya banner most likely is. The dot on the right represents where the ball could have landed if the railing you see in the video is where the right field bleachers end and the seats on the right side begin. The other dot is if the railing is just a regular railing in between sections.

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