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Orix Buffaloes: May 16, 2010

by on May.16, 2010 @ 2:11 pm, under NPB

...Akinobu Okada wasn't very happy that Jon Leicester was only allowed to throw three warm-up pitches prior to the bottom of the 9th.  The reason: beginning this season, a time-limit of 2m 45s was imposed on pitching changes.  The chief ump told reporters that it wasn't the first time that a pitcher wasn't allowed to finish throwing all his warm-up pitches because of the time limit.

Incidentally, I should note that I'm not quite sure if Okada is upset at Leicester and the pitching coach, or the time limit.  Some of his quotes make it seem as though he's upset at the time limit while other quotes seem to show that he's upset at Leicester and the pitching coach for not getting to the mound in a timely manner (he knew he was going to pitch the 9th, why wasn't he ready?).