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Yokohama Bay Stars: May 17, 2010

by on May.17, 2010 @ 3:37 pm, under NPB

11:37pm JST

...Shuichi Murata spent about 30 minutes working on his hitting during practice at Kleenex Stadium today.  He told reporters that if he can't hit well in practice, he isn't going to hit well during games.  Murata also added that he realized he was hitting a lot of balls foul, even though he wasn't trying to.

3:37pm JST

...Two home runs were reviewed at Yokohama Stadium on Sunday (an NPB first since):

Seiichi Uchikawa hit what appeared to be a homer in the first inning.  Upon review, it was overturned and ruled a double. [youtube]

Takeya Nakamura hit a home run down the left field line in the 5th that was reviewed and stayed a home run (the ball passed over the wall above the foul pole).  Interestingly enough, Nakamura himself wasn't quite sure whether or not it was a home run and stood around home plate before running the bases. [youtube]

Note: sorry about the lack of quality on the two Youtube vids.  They were the best I could find.