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Yokohama Bay Stars: May 18, 2010

by on May.18, 2010 @ 12:38 pm, under NPB

...Terrmel Sledge will likely be the DH during games with the DH rule.  That opens up left-field.  The defense could then shift over to open up right-field where Jose Castillo might play (he worked out in right during practice on Monday).  That then opens up second base for Kazuya Fujita.

...It seems the Bay Stars received a full explanation of why a foul ball call was reversed into a grand slam during the Lotte game on the 13th from the NPB's chief ump, Osamu Ino, on Monday.  Ino told the media that while umps had the final say in games prior to instant replay, that has changed to video replay having the final say.

...The Bay Stars appear to be leaning towards extending the foul poles further up.  They currently stand at 16.22 meters high and the plan is to extend them out as high as possible.  Not really sure how serious he was, but club president Kaji Takao mentioned 30 meters.  That wouldn't be entirely out of the question since the foul pole at Nagoya Dome was extended from 18 to 41 meters in August 2008, but we are also talking indoor vs outdoor.