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Chunichi Dragons: May 21, 2010

by on May.21, 2010 @ 5:29 pm, under NPB

...Hirokazu Ibata was added to the active roster today.

...Hiromitsu Ochiai wants the younger players to keep pushing forward, even though the veterans are slowly coming back.  In other words, even though Ibata is back, he may need someone to take over later in the game, depending on how he's feeling.  It's also possible he might not be able to start every game.  Same goes for left field.  As long as the Dragons are playing at PL stadiums, Kazuhiro Wada will likely be the DH so that he can rest his right flank.  That means the younger players have a chance to show they're capable of playing in left.  I guess in the end, Ochiai basically wants the younger players to step up as role-players.