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Shigeru Takada considering a break after the Swallows were shelled by the Marines, 20-4

by on May.23, 2010 @ 11:06 am, under NPB

Seems the 20-4 beating the Swallows suffered at the hands of the Marines is making Shigeru Takada think twice about taking time off.

When asked about taking a break from managing partway through the season a couple days back, Takada said that he had no plans to.  But when he was asked again after last night's shelling, he seemed to take a different approach to his answer.

"I may have said that [on Thursday], but I obviously don't think it would be good if this continued.  If I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel, then maybe..."

So it took a 20-4 beating for Takada to finally acknowledge that it might be beneficial for him to take a break away from managing duties.

Incidentally, the Swallows have swapped out managers partway through the season six times in the past.  The last time it happened was on 4/27/1984 when Shiro Takegami started the season 4-13-1 and "took a break" from managing.  The team then placed coaches Futoshi Nakanishi and Masayuki Dobashi in charge of the team as interim managers.

Before that, it was Tatsuro Hirooka, who stepped down as manager on 8/17/1979 with a 31-45-9 record.  Coincidentally, Hirooka got his start as an interim manager when he stepped in for Hiroshi Arakawa in 1976.  Arakawa started the 1976 season with a 10-15-4 record and decided to "take a break" on 5/12/1976.

The rest:

Yoshiharu Ogawa took over as interim manager during the 1970 season for Takehiko Bessho

Hiroshi Nakahara took over as interim manager between late May and early July of the 1967 season for Tokuji Iida

Kuninobu Sunaoshi took over as manager after Giichi Hayashi stepped down partway through the 1965 season