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Yomiuri Giants: May 28, 2010

by on May.28, 2010 @ 6:06 pm, under NPB

9:48pm JST

...The Giants are hoping Michihiro Ogasawara will be ready to get back into the starting line-up tomorrow.  While the DH rule will be in effect, Ogasawara will likely start at third.  Said head coach Haruki Ihara, "We already have a DH (Ramirez)."

6:06pm JST

...Yoshinobu Takahashi has been hitting well so far this month.  He's 14-for-40 (.350) with a 1.088 OPS.  He also picked up his first 2-homer game since 4/15/2008 (vs Chunichi) last night.

...Shugo Fujii has provided the Giants rotation with some stability this year -- Fujii hasn't given up more than a run in each of his last six starts and has averaged 6+ innings in each of those starts.

...The Giants will be demoting Edgar Martinez in order to make room for Wirfin Obispo.  The Giants also informed Kenji Yano, Tomoya Ichikawa, and Masumi Hoshino that they were being sent back to Ni-gun after last night's game in order to make room for Takayuki Terauchi, Masakuni Odajima, and Ryuichi Kajimae.

...For the month of June, the Giants will be working towards educating and gathering donations for foot-and-mouth disease recovery and relief efforts in Miyazaki.

  • A Ganbare Miyazaki! (がんばれ宮崎) sticker will be added to Ichi-gun helmets between 6/4 and 6/13; for Ni-gun teams between 6/5 and 6/13.
  • The Giants will be placing donation boxes at 5 locations in Tokyo Dome and will also be handing out various materials about what's currently going on in Miyazaki.
  • The Giants will be auctioning off baseball memorabilia to raise money.
  • The Giants will be running videos on the Miyazaki situation on the jumbotron during games, calling for people to help out.

...The Giants Today's Girls' Giants (今日のGirls'Giants) is featuring fans that support Hayato Sakamoto.