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Rakuten Eagles: June 1, 2010

by on Jun.01, 2010 @ 5:51 pm, under NPB

...Toshiya Sugiuchi will likely start tonight's game against the Softbank Hawks.  After tonight's start, his next starts will likely come on the 7th against Hanshin and the 13th against Yomiuri (that's a 5 days of rest between each start).  Hideaki Takahashi will probably get tomorrow's start.

...Seems the Hawks will probably skip Kenji Otonari's next scheduled start (6/6).  He was given the day off from starting pitcher's practice yesterday and there now appears to be a chance that he might be shifted to the bullpen.

...Yuki Shimooki will likely get his first Ni-gun start on the 5th against Orix.

...J.D. Durbin could get his first Ni-gun start on the 3rd against Chunichi.  He will be expected to throw about 85 pitches.

...Hitoshi Tamura fouled a ball of his left shin on Sunday and received treatment for it on Monday.  He's listed as day-to-day.

...There's still no concrete ETA on when Nagisa Arakaki will be able to return to the active roster.  His  Ni-gun outing against Orix on the 6th will be dependent on how he's feeling on Thursday.

...Dennis Houlton held a 15-minute bullpen session (with the catcher standing) on Monday.  Houlton injured his right leg adductor muscle while pitching on the 5/19 against the Hanshin Tigers.  It'll probably be another two weeks before he can throw to a squatting catcher; his return to the active roster, at this point, will likely be early July.

...Nobuhiro Matsuda took grounders at third for the first time since a left-wrist fracture sidelined him on 5/8.  Based on his current recovery-rate, Matsuda could be back on the active roster by late-June, early July.  Nishinippon Shimbun mentions 6/25 (vs the Rakuten Eagles) as a possible date for his return to Ichi-gun.  But that would mean Matsuda would have to be ready to start playing in Ni-gun games on the 16th.

...The Hawks are planning to start selling Roberto Petagine merchandise after he hits his first home run.  Seems one of those items the club is considering is a t-shirt that has a picture of Petagine and his wife Olga.

And speaking of Petagine, the club appears to be leaning towards keeping him in the start line-up as much as possible by starting him at DH during home games and playing him at first during away games (Hiroki Kokubo could shift over to third depending on how he's feeling).