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Megaphone hit costs man 240,000 yen

by on Jun.12, 2010 @ 12:31 am, under NPB

The Osaka District Court ruled on Friday that a man was to pay roughly 240,000 yen in compensation to a woman he accidentally hit in the head with a megaphone, while cheering for the Tigers, during a game back in April of 2004 (the case was originally brought to trial in July of 2008).  The woman was originally seeking about 18.5M yen in medical damages -- she needed a month to recover from a sprained neck and she continues to experience dizzy spells and tinnitus.

The defendant denied he hit the woman.  He also stated that it was normal (and acceptable) for cheering people to lightly tap one another with their megaphones while cheering.

The court did not agree and ruled that hitting someone in the head (with a strong blow) was not acceptable behavior.  The court also ruled that while the one month recovery for the woman was admissible, the continuing dizzy spells and tinnitus were not.