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Orix Buffaloes: June 14, 2010

by on Jun.14, 2010 @ 5:11 pm, under NPB

...The Buffaloes clinched first place in the Inter-league standings with their victory yesterday.  Mamoru Kishida apparently tried to give the game-winning ball to Akinobu Okada, only to have it returned.  Kishida then offered it to the starter of the game, Hiroshi Kisanuki, who accepted.

As for the team winnings...  Yoshio Murayama, club GM, told reporters that half would likely be split up amongst the personnel and players with the other half going towards paying for things to help the team (like new exercise equipment).

...The Buffaloes will be running a blood donation drive on 6/19 (vs Nippon Ham Fighters).  Fans that participate will receive one of three Buffaloes' items (gold ball, cushion, towel).