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Some more information from yesterday’s NPB executive committee meetings

by on Jun.15, 2010 @ 11:14 pm, under NPB

A little more on yesterday's NPB executive committee meetings:

Regarding the proposal for moving towards a one baseball standard --

The Yakult Swallows have a contract with ZETT for baseball through to the end of the 2011 season.  This originally caused some problems, but it seems the Swallows and ZETT were able to agree on a change to the contract that will allow the Ichi-gun club to move to the new baseball while the Ni-gun club continues to use the baseballs made by ZETT.

The NPB is hoping to start using the new Mizuno balls for the 2011 season.  If production goes well, there's a possibility the baseballs could be ready for use during Fall camp this year.

The plan is to move towards a ball that fits the guidelines of the baseball used in international competitions.

It seems most of the 12 NPB clubs selected Mizuno in a survey that was prepared by the NPB (it seems there were one or more clubs that didn't provide an answer).  The other options were ZETT, Asics, and Kubota.

Beginning this year, All-Star teams will be allowed to have a manager, two coaches, and another coach for hitting grounders / fly balls.

This year's Junior Tournament will take place between 12/26 - 12/28 at Yahoo Dome.

The 12 teams of the NPB will debate the Player's Association's new proposal for free agency during their next schedule meeting (6/18).

The next Pacific League board of trustees meeting will go over ideas for how to shorten the length of games (there will be an exchange of ideas between players and umpires).

3 comments on “Some more information from yesterday’s NPB executive committee meetings

  1. npbcardguy

    Previously each All Star team had two coaches who were managers of other teams in the respective league. So are the two new coaches also team managers or are they coaches from the All Star manager’s team?

    If they’re all managers from other teams, then each team will have five of their league’s six team managers on their roster. Might as well go for all six.

    1. Gen Post author

      In looking over the article again, I think I may have mis-read the actual passage. I think it’s three coaches, including the manager, plus the new coach that will be relied upon for hitting grounders / fly balls (not sure why I didn’t catch that the first time around).

      As for how the new coach gets selected… The article doesn’t mention anything and I don’t think there’s any updated information about it on the NPB site (at least as of this moment).

      EDIT: Sorry, it’s actually mentioned in the article… The new coach will be selected based on recommendations by the All-Star team managers.

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