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Shin-Nihon Sekiyu ENEOS to become JX-ENEOS

by on Jun.16, 2010 @ 5:14 pm, under Industrial

JX Holdings announced today that their baseball and volleyball teams will have new names, effective on 7/1.

Shin-Nihon Sekiyu ENEOS (新日本石油ENEOS) will become JX-ENEOS and JOMO Sunflowers (JOMOサンフラワーズ) will become JX Sunflowers.

Shin-Nihon Sekiyu (新日本石油) and Japan Energy (ジャパンエナジー) will officially merge together under one new name, JX Nikko Nisseki Energy (JX日鉱日石エネルギー), also effective 7/1.

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