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Hiroshima Carp: June 17, 2010

by on Jun.17, 2010 @ 6:12 pm, under NPB

9:38pm JST

...Kenta Kurihara took grounders again during practice today (he started yesterday).  Kurihara worked mostly on his footwork and only fielded the balls (he was not allowed to use his right arm).

6:12pm JST

...Kenta Maeda has been working on his delivery and the quality of his fastball.  By making a few adjustments, Maeda has managed to add 3km/h to his fastball and is now consistently hitting the mid-140s.  He also learned how to keep his shoulder closed in order to throw a better fastball to the outside corner vs right-handed batters.

According to Tatsumi Une (Hiroshima scorer / advance scout), prior the adjustments, Maeda's shoulder used to fly open, causing his fastball to move more like a two-seam fastball, which meant more pitches going right down the middle of the plate.

...The Carp are averaging 21,774 per game in 2010.  While that's a drop-off from last year's 24,218, it's still actually the third best average in franchise history (so far).  If they continue to draw well, they could finish the year with 1.5M+ in attendance.

TV ratings for Carp games also appear to be doing well -- they're averaging 18.9% (15 games).  That's lower than the numbers from last year (23.3% over 14 games), but higher than 2008 (14.6% 19 games).

...The Carp apparently like the center field camera at Fenway Park so much that they're installing one of their own at Mazda Stadium.  The new camera is placed in a location about 16 meters off the ground and allows an unobstructed view of the pitcher and the catcher from straight on.

If testing goes well, the new camera go live some time in July.

...The Carp posted some more information on JAL Nighter (JALナイター) -- 6/18 vs Yakult Swallows.

...The Mazda Stadium Store has been re-organized.