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Nine NPB teams gathered to discuss JPBPA’s FA proposal

by on Jun.18, 2010 @ 7:49 pm, under NPB

Nine NPB teams, including Yomiuri and Hiroshima, met earlier today to discuss the JPBPA's FA proposal.

Early reports point to the NPB not in total agreement with the JPBPA, specifically with regards to making both domestic and international FA requirements a flat 7 years.  The NPB does, however, seem to be open to ideas about how to provide younger players more playing time -- things like rental players (similar to how some tournaments work in the Industrial League) and free agency to those that aren't getting much playing time are some suggestions  that have been made.

The NPB teams will now prepare their counter-proposals and discuss the issues further during an executive committee meeting in July.

If more updates about this meeting are released (either later today, tomorrow), I'll add them to this post.