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Hanshin Tigers: June 19, 2010

by on Jun.19, 2010 @ 1:57 pm, under NPB

8:17pm JST

...Akinobu Mayumi recorded his 100th career managerial victory this afternoon.

1:57pm JST

...Due to the rain-out last night, Yasutomo Kubo will likely get today's start against the Yokohama Bay Stars.  Casey Fossum is expected to start tomorrow.

...It seems Craig Brazell's stitches were recently removed from his lower lip.  Said Brazell, "I couldn't eat for about a week, but I'm ok now."

...Yuya Ando tossed 115 pitches in the bullpen yesterday at Naruohama (his Ni-gun start was rained out).

...The Tigers are preparing Matt Murton stickers that will likely hit their stores in July.  Each sticker will cost 500 yen.  In many cases, most clubs tend to stay away from individual merchandising opportunities with foreign players because the market can be a bit volatile.  But Murton's popularity has given the Tigers good reason to try some things out.

Note: individual merchandising does not include general merchandise like player jerseys.  Individual merchandising is more about items that are specifically created with one player in mind.

Incidentally, Murton would love to play in the All-Star game.  If you're a fan of his, be sure to drop him a vote.

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    1. Gen Post author

      Sorry, I just noticed your comment. Unfortunately, polls closed on Sunday (I probably should have mentioned that in my post).

      If Murton doesn’t make it with the fan votes, he can still make the team with player votes. And if not then, he’d still a chance with the Plus One vote (7/6 – 7/12).

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