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Kansai Independent League continues to struggle

by on Jun.20, 2010 @ 11:59 pm, under Independent

The Kansai Independent League (KIL) has drawn fewer fans (about 150 per game !!) and has had a difficult time securing sponsors this year.

On Thursday, Kobe, Akashi, and Kishu decided to cut players salaries by 100% (not including performance bonuses), beginning this month.

Earlier today (6/20), representatives for the three got together and decided that despite the financial problems, the league would continue.

And since Thursday's decision to cut salaries by 100%, a number of players have decided to jump ship -- at least one player from Kobe and four players from Kishu are no longer playing in the KIL due to "personal reason."

Note: according to a report filed by Yomiuri Online, player salaries were already cut from 200,000 yen a month down to 80,000 yen plus bonuses for the current season.