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Softbank Hawks: June 22, 2010

by on Jun.22, 2010 @ 5:24 pm, under NPB

6/23/2010 1:30am JST

...Meguro ward in Tokyo announced on Tuesday that they were making Sadaharu Oh an honorary resident.  The ward will be holding a ceremony for Oh on 10/1.

...The Hawks announced the addition of three events to their Hawks' Festival Series 2010 schedule:

7/10 and 7/11 - 100,000 Hawks' Festival fans (鷹の祭典うちわ) will be handing out at the Tenjin shopping district.

7/20 - There will be a mascot festival at Yahoo Dome.

7/21 - The roof at Yahoo Dome will open up at the end of the game to reveal the letters カチドキアゲロ! on the Hilton Fukuoka Seaside Hotel.

6/22/2010 5:24pm JST

...Nobuhiro Matsuda was added to the active roster today in the hopes that he can provide a spark for the team.  Seems they feel he's ready enough to play (the team originally thought he'd be out for 2 months after his surgery on 5/9).

The Hawks also added Hidenori Tanoue to the active roster today after the team received news yesterday that Katsuki Yamazaki might be out for the rest of the season.

...J.D. Durbin threw 63 pitches in the bullpen during practice at Yahoo Dome yesterday.  Seems he could make his Ichi-gun debut with a start against the Rakuten Eagles on the 25th.

...Dennis Houlton may be ready to join the Ichi-gun roster again sometime in mid-July.  He threw about 50 pitches in the bullpen on the 15th and would like to hold at least 2-3 more before pitching in a few Ni-gun games.

...The Hawks could be skipping Toshiya Sugiuchi's next start on the 27th.  It seems the team is concerned that Sugiuchi might be getting a little tired and would like to give him a little extra rest.

...As of yesterday, Hiroki Kokubo was scheduled to begin taking BP today.  On Monday, Kokubo spent his time running sprints and doing some weight training.

...The Hawks will be throwing 30,000 paper airplanes (ホークスジェット) with beer ads on them from the catwalk at Yahoo Dome during the final game of their three games series (7/19 - 7/21) against the Seibu Lions.  It's part of a promo campaign for JAL, Asahi Beer, and Hawks.  It will also mark the end of the Hawks' Festival Series 2010 (鷹の祭典2010).